Friday, January 10, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Sarah Punderson
Blog: Sarah Montie Handknits
Rav ID: sarahmontie
Some Great Designs: sarahmontie's Rav Designer Page

I wonder sometimes where my brain is.
Long time reader and thoughtful commenter on this here bloggy, sarahmontie is a talented designer; I'm very glad to be finally profiling her this week.

On her rav designer page, she describes her work as "Simple shapes and minimal finishing define most of my designs. I am inspired by fiber, texture, color and nature."
I agree, and I'll show you some here.

The Reversible Rib, Reversible Hat is a great example. Look at those cool, clean lines and total wearability. The exciting pop of colour that makes you happy for spring in the winter, and ready to go out into the chilly wind.
Another lovely example of this is the TW Cowl. I like cowls in the first place, but add in some fun texture and colour and blamo! Instant add-to-the-queue material.

The superfun shape of the Seaweed Scarf makes me want to knit it right now. Seriously, isn't this a totally cool take on the spiral scarf?

And something to keep you cozy: the Bow Tie Shawl. I do like being toasty warm cozy, and very much appreciate that this shawl has the fastening built-in... and it's not a button! A simple, relaxing knit, this is something that I'm sure you'll find much use for yourself, let alone plenty of people who'd love it as a gift.

With over 80 designs, sarahmontie has so very much to offer! Pop on over to her rav designer page to see more.


Sarah Montie said...

Thanks so much, I am glad to be included in your review of so many great indie designers.

Meredith MC said...

Such cute designs. I especially like the seaweed scarf. Thanks for sharing!