Thursday, November 21, 2013

How We Keep Away the Cold: Thick Chill

I love to see people's FOs!

Thick Chill is a great pattern for this time of year. Quick and easy to knit (two strands of bulky yarn held together makes the going fast!). Perfect for yourself, or for last-minute gifting too!

Here's a few of the great Thick Chills hanging around on Ravelry!

© aesniego

aesniego's Thick Chill Hood
"Easy to knit even with the bulky yarn. Looks amazing and feels like it will be extremely warm for the early morning Northern Michigan Winters!"

lalaithbr's Lilly's Thick Chill Hood
I like how she's wearing it in this pic. The hood has just the right amount of extra room and give to be equally warming around your neck, your head, or your shoulders.

lomeraniel's Thick Chill
I really love how people wear this simple piece differently. Whenever I wear mine (which is often, now that it's getting chilly out) I always keep it up around my neck. I'm going to try wearing it down on my shoulders, as that seems to be a pretty popular way to style it!

judi1212's Thick Chill hooded cowl
I love her thoughts on the cowl, which I happen to agree with!
"Winter weather has come to the Northeast and I gotta tell you this is WARM. I knew needed something for the cold dog walks and this hooded cowl is great."

Incidentally, it looks like grey(ish) is THE colour to knit your Thick Chill in. I need some grey bulky yarn STAT!

Thanks to all the lovely ravellers who agreed to be featured in this post!

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