Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ravelry; An Ode on the Sixth

I really can't believe it, but I've been a Ravelry member for six years today.

Chances are very good that you, dear reader, are also a Ravelry member.  We're part of a fantastic community, one that is wide and welcoming and supportive and foundational. It's fundamentally changed the way we interact with our craft, and it's enabled so many knitterly people to do so very many new and exciting things.

The centrality of the information, the ease of search, the beautiful layout, and the sense of fun make it the most vibrant, educational, inspirational, and safe place that I've been a part of online.

And to be most specific, it's the reason why I do so many of the things I do on this blog.

Indie Designer Days would not exist if not for Ravelry. I would be much the poorer for the vital communication link it provides me to knitters around the world. And it's essentially the reason I'm a knitwear designer.

It's so mufti-faceted that I'm likely only using a very small percent of the site.

And that's where you come in!

Tell me, what's your favourite thing about Ravelry?


Sweet Seahorse said...

My favourite thing about Ravelry is checking out projects made from a particular pattern. I find that is a really user friendly way of telling if something is worth the effort of making. Sometimes the pattern looks great but then 15 or 20 people who have made it have found it really difficult or perhaps it is super easy and really attractive. That is my first point of call when considering making an item. I love it.
xXx Helen

Sarah Montie said...

As a designer, ravelry has opened up the world to me. I would be dependent on sending out hard copies of patterns to stores (which I still do)for the bulk of my sales. Now I just email a PDF.
Best of all is the knitting community, I love having lots of friends and checking out their projects and their blogs.

Julie said...

I hear you, Ravelry is amazing! I love how it has totally changed how I look at patterns, and I love seeing everyone' interpretations of patterns- I wouldn't have mod mondays without it!