Friday, October 04, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Maude L. Baril
Blog: Flowers and Stems
Rav ID: maudelb
Some Great Designs: maudelb's Rav Designer Page

While colourwork isn't all that maudelb designs, it's certainly quite a strength!

I'll point out three to you:

Roussillon. That's the beautiful pom-pomed toque in the pic. Really, how eye-catching and wearable does that look!? It's the sort of thing that you could have a lot of fun with. Pick different colours, make it more feminine, more masculine. I think it's a great one to keep in mind for any, ahem, seasonal knitting, that might be coming up in the next few months!

Branka is an awesome colourwork skirt. Yes, colourwork skirt. Check it out. You might wonder about a knitted skirt's structural integrity. In this case, maudelb's included an elastic waistband. Smart!

And Fléchée is a colourwork scarf that's quite a stunner. I love what she's written about it, here:
You want to learn to do steeks and you hate to weave ends in? This scarf is perfect for you!
This steek is easy to do because you don’t need to sew, only make knots!
The Ceinture Fléchée (Arrowed belt) was first used by french canadian to close their coats, a long time ago. But I don’t know how to weave, so I knitted one.
The scarf is worked in the round, then cut. The colorwork is more easy this way.
Instruction to make a shorter scarf and a cowl are also included.

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