Friday, July 05, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Ekaterina Blanchard
Blog: Katy Tricot
Rav ID: KatyTricot
Some Great Designs: KatyTricot's Rav Designer Page

I usually line up these Indie Designer Posts weeks, months, in advance. I'll write little notes for myself to aid in completing the post, and for this one, this sentence sums it up:

Mostly kids patterns, mostly hats, but so damn cute want for ME!

I think you'll agree. Whether you have a wee kiddie to knit for or not, KayTricot's work will make you smile and want to knit all the things!

They're all so cute, but I think my fave is Zaïka (pictured). Doesn't that look so comfy and cute? I love that texture and awesome shape, making it not only look interesting but I'm sure be very functional (looks like it hugs the shoulders and neck well, keeping that cold wind off your skin).

Another sweet knit is Frill Set. This is the best use of overall frill and ruching I've ever seen. Now, when I say that, you think "Hm, overall frills and ruching? That's can't possibly be good." But really, click on that link and see. It certainly works on these kids knits, but I'd argue it may work well for adults too.

Last I'll link to the super sweet Foxy & Wolfie. Fox face as hat. I'm just sayin'.

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Meredith MC said...

I have kids to knit for so these are perfect designs for fall knitting. Thanks for this feature!