Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vacation Recap: Beach Time!

I've just spent a week away on a beach.
So yeah, it's been quite a thing to get back in the swing of real life. Especially when I'm writing up a vacation recap!

Here's some pics from the trip.

Excited at the airport!
Poolside laying. Yeah, there's a lot of these pics...
Oceanside laying!
What!? There were a bunch of pools!
Beach at early morning.

And now on to the drinks portion of the post!
Best Pina Coloada EVAR!
Mojito yum.
"Hey, you done with that fish or what?!"
So many of these little anoles running around!

Doggie buddies!
Beautiful museum in Havana.
This guy lived on the second floor.
Beautiful colours everywhere.
View from lunch on patio.
Cathedral of Havana.
Playground in Varadero.
Yay beach!


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, you went to the place that's at the top of my dream vacation list! My grandparents lived in Cuba right before Castro took over and I have always, always wanted to visit. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

Hilary said...

That looks like heaven! I want to transport myself into all of those photos right this second. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos, they make me want to be there ;) I'm very glad you had a nice vacation.