Friday, May 17, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Paulina Popiolek
Rav ID: PaulinaP
Some Great Designs: PaulinaP's Rav Designer Page

This designer overwhelms me with her textural accessory delight. Seriously, hop on over to her designer page on rav. You'll see.

To sort through the loveliness what difficult. I've narrowed it down to four here, which I'll run through quickly so that you go and click click click on her many other pieces!

Emanuela is the pictured pretty you see here. And a great example it is of PaulinaP's strengths: textural, pretty, feminine, wearable accessories. This is one of many shawl and wraps for you to see on her designer page.

In the topper category, there's the Pamir Hat. A good and stretchy (textured!) brim accents an otherwise simply knit and shaped hat. So wearable. This is the kind of hat that you could wear throughout the cold months of the year.

And, in a timely fashion, there's the Primavera Capelet. The lighter version of the Winter Capelet, this piece is knit in the round, accented with scalloped edging and delicate lace. A knit to dress up an outfit!

Now really, go: check out her designer page. There's like, 40 designs over there!

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