Friday, May 03, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Ash Kearns
Blog: Ash Kearns Handknitting
Rav ID: ashkearns
Some Great Designs: ashkearns' Rav Designer Page

I love this designer's work. She describes her style here:

"Because My Man is a stone mason, I compare knitting to building walls alot. I see my creations in my head in 3D (“tubes in space”)"

And yes! I'll point out a few to you, but there's tons more if you just clicky the link above.

I haven't been able to get the Lempicka Headband Hat out of my head since I first saw it. Just look at that hat! Virtuoso knitting. Wonderful structure, interesting shaping and texture. It's just so beautiful, and I might even go so far as to say it's the most beautiful knit hat I've ever seen.

Then there's the wonderful Everton Lace Wrap. This piece isn't just a plain ol' rectangular wrap. It has a great little flared neckline, keeping that chill away. Again, fantastic shaping and texture used.Very elegant, just like the Lempicka Hat.

The Replica Reversible Hat is best summed up by the designer herself, "Experimentation is required! Wear with the brim down for a cosy cloche, with splash of contrast peaking out; Or pull up one edge; Or all the way around to show off your colours."
I love its simplicity yet flexible functionality.

Last one I'll show you is the Grommet Eyelet Ridge Cardi Vest. Oh, you had me at "cap sleeved cardigan-vest hybrid that is knit entirely in one piece with no finishing!". Check out the pics. A great knit for this time of year. Just enough to keep a chilly breeze off. Delicately lovely!

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Julie said...

wow, that headband is so Gatsby gorgeous! I love her cabled wrap, too. I haven't seen these designs before, and they are great!