Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cut Out + Keep: Free and Cute Tutorial

The interwebs has so much to offer, it's sometimes very easy to miss out on really great stuff.

To that end: have you heard of Cut Out + Keep?
It's likely I've been living under a rock for many, many years, but I only came across them a few months back in some crafty googling.

They've recently been the subject of a google ad (ah, I think they're in Edinburgh! I be jealous), and Cat Morely, the founder, has offered a very cute and free tutorial for the Chalkboard Bunting you can see in the google ad.

How adorbs is that!


Hilary said...

Hey, thanks for the tip! I actually signed up for Cut Out + Keep forever ago when there was a knitting pattern on there I wanted....but then I completely forgot about it! Off to revisit the site...

Julie said...

I love cut out and keep, they have some cut project round ups, that's for sure. and that bunting is adorable!