Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Craftsy Class Review: Lucy Neatby and Double Knitting

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Back in August of last year I pondered aloud "wouldn't it be great if Craftsy offered a double knitting class?"

Lo and behold, my friends, they have delivered! The kind people at Craftsy asked me to do a review of the course and share it with you all here.

The class is called Foundations of Double Knitting, and it's taught by Lucy Neatby.

There's plenty of things to love about this class!

Lucy Neatby is a fantastic teacher. This is what struck me most. Her manner, explanations, diagrams, and good humour made an otherwise intimidating topic very easy to see, understand, learn, and retain.
She talks about her early experiments with double knitting as skirmishes (she won my heart with this!), and her illustrations of "happy stitches" and "Australian cousins" are both adorable and informative.

This class also does a fantastic job of convincing you that double knitting is THE BEST THING EVER to happen to knitting. There are so many cool tricks and techniques that you can do with double knitting covered in the class. Cool things like easily adding channels to your knitting for elastic (beautifully seamless!), creating double-sided fabrics, socks, bag handles, and my favourite, pockets. So many cool tricks for pockets!

To note: Neatby starts by saying "This class isn't for expert knitters", and I totally agree. I knew pretty much nothing about double knitting before this class, and now I'm all alight with ideas and cool ways I can use this technique in my own work.
She makes double knitting simple, visual, and easy to learn.
So, if you've been waffling on learning this technique, or just plain scared off from double knitting patterns, or maybe want to learn cool new ways to make your knitting seamless and lovely, then this is the class for you!

Aaaaand, you can take this class for 50% off by clicking this link.  How awesome is that?! Thanks Craftsy!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Teresa! Thanks so much for sharing!

Julie said...

very cool! I love craftsy, the classes are great.