Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rhinebeck Redux;, Or, Here's My First Video Post

Hi all!

As a bit of a recap, I thought I'd let you know a bit about how Rhinebeck went for me. And, in a video post!
I apologize ahead of time for the following:
-poor video quality
-obvious awkwardness
-any inability of the video to play

Rhinebeck Redux from canarysanctuary on Vimeo.


Susan Luni said...

Thanks for posting that! You do look a little different moving around. It was fun to both see and hear you and also to hear about Rhinebeck. I've never been, so let's call this post of yours double-inspiring--inspiring me to go to Rhinebeck some year and to put up my own video.

Hilary said...

Hey, that was neat! How fun to "meet" you like this...you seem just as cool in dynamic video as you do in print. :) Thanks for sharing your Rhinebeck experiences and yarny goodness, too. The orangey/red/brown Sanguine Gryffon seems so you. Can't wait to see what it all becomes!

Julie said...

ooh, very fun!! I've been wanting to do more video blogging for a while, just haven't got up to it yet... the video is a great way to recap! I'm so jealous of your Rhinebeck adventures! Lovely yarn, too.

juicyknits said...

This is so great! Loved to see you move. :D

Anonymous said...

My Rhinebeck experiences were very similar to yours, haha! Thank you for driving us all the way down there again, btw :)

It's very strange to watch you on video, but pretty cool at the same time! Hope to see more video posts in the future.

(ps, since I know lots of people wonder, but you don't sound all that very different on the video than you do in real life :) )