Friday, October 28, 2011

Indie Designer Revisited

Designer: Hanna Breetz
PhotobucketBlog: evergreenknits
Rav ID: evergreenknits
Some Great Designs: evergreenknits' Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: February 6, 2009

Not only are evergreenknits' designs beautiful and consistently elegant, she's maintained her dedication to knitting green.
Her latest blog post talks about natural dying with pecans - really cool.
On to the knitting!

Since I first profiled Hanna in 2009, she's done much more great work. She's published a fantastic shawl pattern for Sanguine Gryphon, Industrial Revolution (pictured). I encourage you to check out the other photos of this shawl on the pattern page. It seems to morph wonderfully into several different shawls, depending on how it's worn.

Another beautiful knit, self-published this time, is Vermont Shawl. I love how it really does seem to reflect the lushy greeny leafiness of a strong, old forest.

And one more notable mention is the adorable Sea Urchin. This sweet little whimsy just might find it's way onto my Christmas knitting list!

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Erin Kate said...

Great feature & awesome patterns!