Friday, October 21, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Cecilia Flori
Rav ID: ceciknits
Some Great Designs: ceciknits' Rav Designer Page

With interesting shapes and attractive elements, this week's designer has a great talent for creating fabulous accessories.

One of the two patterns she has posted is the pictured a thousand splendid suns. Great name, right? I think it's rad gear.
The photograph shows off the beautiful way this seemingly simple knit can look so interesting, and I can imagine it really "making" an outfit.

The second pattern ceciknits has published is the long (and winding) mesh. Again, great name. Take a look at the number of photos she has posted of this piece. It appears to transform into so many different shapes! I really love the look of it all scrunched up, and the little flipped over cowl look is great too.

Thanks for the patterns! Looking forward to any new designs you may cook up (and the wonderful names to accompany them!)


Julie said...

wow, those are both really beautiful!! I think I need to add the splendid suns to my queue...

Hilary said...

Whoa, great cowl! (And agreed about the lovely, poetic names.) I must know how she made those polka-dotty holes. Off to queue it up...

Anonymous said...

I love that, and the color.........I am totally in love with yellow these days!