Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow Day: Supercell Yarn Storm

PhotobucketThis wee squirrel looks adorable and rather cheery, but he's gracing this here bloggy because of the impending snowstorm round these parts.

The talk's all about getting a snow day...oh, the things you can do with a snow day!

If you're lucky enough to experience this possible day of cozycomfort bliss, I've a few fab suggestions:

-whip up a warming drink with this delicious recipe for Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate from Knitted Bliss

-follow the suggestion from BabyCocktails and get knitting something snuggly

-break out those board games! It's been so long since I've played something (non-electronic).
Incidentally, what's your favourite board game? I have as of yet to invest in any. But, methinks my first purchase needs to be Scrabble.

-create a looming stack of to-read books by perusing one of the many top reads lists on the interwebs. I checked out this one. I've only read eight of these books. For shame!

Wish me luck! My snow day counts on my place of work declaring it so. If I'm cloistered in tomorrow, I'll be whipping up a yarn storm (along with a mug of that Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate!)


Rebecca said...

No snow coming here, so I will be at the office and in class tomorrow. BUT I love the photo, yours?? Hope all of you in the snow are safe and warm with needles in your hands!!!

Leah said...

Definitely Scrabble. Enjoy your snow day :)

Rhian said...

Monopoly - though my husband tends to call me an Evil Capitalist when I beat him :-P

Natalie Servant said...

We're getting lots of snow here, but I fear I'll still have to venture out to my noon appointment with the dentist. Ugh.

Lauren said...

I have to say that is one of the better collections of books I've come across. I was pleased to see that the creator didn't overlook CS Lewis, Tolkien, or even JK Rowling. Yes Harry Potter is a children/teenager series but it jump-started a new generation of readers! I also am happy that some pertinent philosophies were also included. Regardless enjoy the snow some of us could use an excuse for not making deadlines!

Hilary said...

So my husband says I'm crazy for continuing to say this, but I really wish I lived somewhere it snowed. We have had a complete lack of winter here this year and all the photos around blogland of people's snuggly snow days make me completely jealous! Of course, being able to get from place to place easily and without freezing is nice, too. I hope you got your snow day last week!