Tuesday, February 22, 2011

March; Or, My Efforts to Blog More

PhotobucketI've decided to challenge myself: Can I actually post a post every day in March?

And I mean, every day.

As in, no "I'm tiiiired. I just want to sleep/knit/eat!"
Discipline, I tell you. I will have discipline.

And, interesting things to say!

Anyone else want to give it a go?
Image: An adorable wild canary.
Didja know they're all green and stuff? It's true.
Selective breeding over many years has modified canaries into all sorts of different colours. types, shapes and talents (some are bred specifically for their fantastic singing abilities).
Image copyright Alan Manson


LittleCanoe said...

Oh man, that sounds like such a great idea. and here I was trying to bump up my efforts to twice a week. Good luck! (to the both of us)

Susan said...

I'm participating in Me-Made-March which means I need to wear an item I made every day and blog about it. It will be a challenge for me, for sure.

love2stitch said...

I love the idea - I will try for the time that I am not travelling (have some trip to Asia where access is sometimes iffy)

Anna said...

Wow, what a gorgeous wee birdie!

If you manage to post every day you are a bloggier woman than I. But I'll happily read your posts!

kingshearte said...

Every day? In my last month before the semester's over? Hm. I think I'll be more along the lines of littbirdbigcity there, and aim for a few times a week.

Good luck with yours, though. I look forward to reading them!

Julie said...

that's a stunning wild canary! Good luck blogging every day! I look forward to seeing what you post about.

Hilary said...

Fun! I have a feeling that I'll be blogging even less come March (and come Baby Callis), but I look forward to your posts!!

Kathleen Dames said...

Hmmm, I may join you, as I need to blog more.

Laura ( Flours and Fibers) said...

I'm going to try to post everyday in March as well, even if it's just to show a picture of what I've knit that day. I can't imagine that there will be days I don't knit!