Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knot Tying 101; Or, How Wedding Planning Comes Along

...wherein I continue to chat about my wedding, and this time it's about the hair...

Since the last time I talked about my impending nuptials was way back in September, I thought I'd give both a wee update as well as ask some input.

Update: I've got (most of) the biggies nailed down, and now have to tackle the hiring of a DJ, as well as begin the leap into crafting that will be my life for the next few months (and I'm really looking forward to it!)

Asking for Input:

Before I can do work on a particular wedding craft (which I just might share with you all when it's done soon...ish...) I have to figure out what I'm doing with my hair.

For reference, this is what my dress looks like, as worn by a statuesque Spanish model:

From what I gather, there's three basic ways one can choose to wear their hair:
1) Updo
2) Half-Updo
3) Down-do

Each has their attractions and drawbacks.

The Updo

As you can see from this photo, I'm thinking along the lines of a "messy" updo. I don't want anything sleek-to-my-head.

-likely the formality will match the style of dress more than others
-can wear that flower pin I've already bought!
-keeps hair off neck in yucky late-July heat

-generally, I'm not comfortable showing much of my face, and this style might emphasize certain facial features I'd really rather not emphasize
-I have (what might be an unfounded) fear that an updo will shake loose with what I imagine will be all my move-busting and general hub-bub of the day

The Half-Updo

This would be along the same "messy"/wavy lines as the updo.

-compromise between up and down, both in formality and face-covering-ness
-can still wear that flower in my hair

-still have the problem of hair-on-neck in July heat
-might be even worse in emphasizing what my heart-shaped face doesn't need to have emphasized


Once again, I'm thinking wavy and loose.

-works with my hair's natural tendency to be wavy
-covers more face
-I have the long hair, have been purposefully growing the long hair, and want to show the length of the long hair!

-might make me feel too hot, and I hate sweating to begin with :p
-might be too informal a look for the gown
-probably can't wear that flower in my hair!

So, what'd you think?
I'm still pretty undecided.


Anonymous said...

have you read offbeatbride and apracticalwedding yet? in offbeat wedding, hair wear you!

beffuh said...

I vote for up do. In July, I wouldn't want that hair on my neck, and what with the nervousness, excitement, and dancing, I would put it up.

As to the worry whether or not will will fall down, I think that your stylist should be able to give you some options of holding most of the hair firmly in place, but still having some movement so it's not all plastic-slicked back. But really, it's your wedding, so you can do what you want. :)

Sally said...

I vote for half up do. I speak from experience, because I got married July 28th and it was fine. I have long hair and it allowed me to decorate my do as I saw fit, whilst keeping the weight of the hair off my neck.

I don't think it would be a great idea to wear it down, unless you think you would always looks at your wedding pictures and hate what you saw. But, it will get messy very quickly with all the hubbub and it will be very hot.

Get a stylist to go through some ideas with you! I'm sure they can give you some options that will work with your face shapes.

Who? Me? said...

I thought that I wanted a half do, but when I went for the practice run? I hated it. They just don't look right. Not formal enough. I would say, as someone with long hair, that an up do would be best. Keeps your hair out of your face when you're hugging people and dancing, keeps the sweaty neck dry. But whatever you do, do the practice run with your hair to make sure you're happy.

Samantha said...

Too fun - that's the very dress I wore when I got married! I wore my hair up, but low, and then had a veil starting at the nape. I'm sure whatever you will choose will be very lovely.

Rosie said...

I vote up do, but I am pretty traditional, plus, you don't have anything to hide. Your face is beautiful!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

I thought I wanted a down-do for my wedding for same reasons you listed, but when I went and had them start trying stuff out for a long wavy look like the one you showed, they had to use way too much product in order to guarantee it would stay looking wavy and pretty all night and I didn't even want to touch it! Yick. I ended up going for a very well pinned updo and had no problem with it coming down even through all the boogey-ing! :)

Kelly-ann said...

Keep in mind I have been married 10 years,, so I may be way out of touch ;)

I vote for the updo. It was super windy on my wedding day and there wasn't a hair out of place on my updo (and I have fine wispy hair). Once the hair is up and in place, you won't feel the need to check on it and fix it up during the day.

The dress is gorgeous!

Samurai Mom said...

Updo, it makes you feel so elegant and that is an Elegant dress. Plus the heat.

Aesderina said...

I like all the ideas.

I think you should maybe try each style for a whole day and see which one you are comfortable in.

You want to enjoy your wedding day and not have to thinking about your hair is coming loose or in your face.

You want to feel natural too.. and not look back on your photos in the future and feel too dressed up!

I don't know.. sorry I'm not a lot of help! GOOD LUCK!

Ellen said...

I love the idea of an updo...I think you have a really sweet face (me and my "chipmunk cheeks" are a wee bit envious) and an updo, especially like the one pictured, would be sooo gorgeous with that dress. Plus I agree, that having any hair around the neck in July could get super uncomfortable. Maybe try wearing each of the styles for a day to gauge comfort, and also try observing them from different angles (using two mirrors) to see how possible photos will look. Good luck! :)

Julie said...

I vote updo. definitely because you can wear the flower pin, but also because with the amount of hugging, dancing, picture-taking, down dos get messier faster. Also, if you are getting married in the summer, the heat will make the back of your neck sweat if your hair is down.
But another thing to consider- how awesome your back is. if you get backne, you might want down. if you have a lovely back, the wear it up and show it off!

emilynye said...

updo. I also wore a pronovias gown, and let me tell you, they are hotter than hot with all the skirt layers.
your stylist will be sure that your hair won't move-- do you really think katherine heigl was still all night in that picture?

Anonymous said...

OK - I am over 50 (just to let you know what demographic this comment comes from) and I vote for the up do. You have a beautiful face and I think that the up do will show off your shoulders. Also it will be cooler. I recommend going to David Church (Locke and Stanley) and seeing what Crystal can do with your hair. She is amazing. (I hope that doesn't creep you out - I read your blog all the time and from the background of your pictures, I obviously live quite close to you - Queen and Aberdeen area.) Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about your wedding and I do love reading your blog. I would never make any of your patterns for myself as they are just too fresh and youthful for me.

Hilary said...

I think any of the options would look lovely (why hide any part of your face?! You're beautiful!), but my vote is for a half-do. It's how I did my hair for my wedding, and I was thrilled with it. I didn't have any problem with being too hot (and it was quite warm), and I was thrilled with how it "wore" through the night. My hair is naturally VERY straight and does NOT take curl well, but I'm looking at a photo hanging in my office of me dancing with my old boss at the reception (I remember this was towards the end of the night) and the hair is still curly/wavy in the "down" part, and perfectly in place in the "up" part. Anyhoo, I think this style would be nice on you because your hair is so pretty and I think it would go well with the dress. You don't necessarily have to go full half-up...they could pin back some of the hair at the crown of your head, or pull it half up and leave parts hanging in the front. A consultation with a stylist might help you...and it's kind of fun.

Wedding stuff is so fun!!

And also? That dress is GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

I like the updo the best, especially that sort of rumpled/effortless chic look you have highlighted. If you're worried, you could do hair test-runs before the day of, to see what you like best! I wouldn't worry about the stability of an updo or partial updo if you have it professionally done; enough hairspray freezes EVERYTHING.

Susan Luni said...

Definitely updo. I never wore my hair up, thought it unflattering, etc. Then I wore a loose updo for my wedding and was so surprised at how much I liked it, even in the photos. There's a right updo for all face shapes--you just need to find one you like on you.

Lara said...

I think the updo would be perfect with such a gorgeous and elegant dress.

Carol said...

I too had concerns about my hair fallingout of an updo. My hair is very fine and falls out of everything. I discused it with my sylist and came up wth a modified frnch oll with artful strand dangling down. and that updo DID NOT MOVE. In fact, at the end of the night, I took out al th bobby pins and it sitll was mostly up!

Katarina said...

I think you should go with whatever is opposite to what you wear every day. When will you get the chance to wear that flower again? This is a time to celebrate and besides, you look stunning to me!