Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Skating Socks Rocks

I proclaimed wide and proud that I wasn't a sock knitter.
Lies! Lies! (well, sort of).
I might not be a sock knitter1, but I seem to, indeed, be a knitter who knits socks.

Witness my Log Cabin Socks, or, The Skating Socks.

Pattern: Log Cabin Socks, from Handknit Holidays
Yarn: 1 and a teeny bit of a second hank of the ever lovely Cascade 220

I let loose a bit here and chose a colour I would certainly never do for a sweater. Generally blue isn't for me, but my skate-clad feet are another story.

The fancy took me to have a pair of these for the first go-round I had on the brand new skates, and so I whipped these off in just a few days.

Me and the family went skating at my dad's farm, the pond having frozen over quite nicely.

While I didn't get to see any of the fish or muskrats who were purportedly swimming below the icy surface a few days ago, I did catch a Mr. and Ms. Cardinal feeding in the backyard.

1This be a footnote because I believe true sock knitters are those whose main passion is the creation of said garment. I'm still a very far way off from that. I still love me my sweaters mostest.


Erin Wallace said...

Oh and Oh again! These are lovely - I am a cable maniac, and I love what you've done with them. You might not be a sock knitter, but you knit a mighty fine sock!

juicyknits said...

I do believe in knitting gods and since you were speaking down on socks - you'll be condemned to knitting them again and again. I thought sock knitting was sooo useless (just as shawl knitting), but here I am, casting one sock after another... There is knitting-justice after all.

Julie said...

Those skating socks are fantastic! I love the bright blue, too.

Ellen said...

These are gorgeous! They look super cozy too :)

Hilary said...

I'm with you 100% on the socks vs. sweaters thing, but also find it kinda fun to do a pair of socks every now and again. Verrrry smart to pick a pair made with thicker yarn. (I'm completely burned out on the pair I started over the holidays in an attempt to use up 800 yards of somewhat crappy fingering weight yarn. Bleh.). And they turned out lovely! The cables and color are gorgeous and they look so cozy too!

Can I also add how awesome it is that you went skating on a frozen over pond at your dad's farm?!

LittleCanoe said...

nice work! I also am not a sock knitter, but have decided to make 2010 the year of the sock! I'm starting immediately, right after I finish my xmas gifts....