Friday, January 29, 2010

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Sophy O'Donnell
Blog: sophy's knits, notes, etc...
Rav ID: sophytodonnell
Some Great Designs: sophytodonnell's Rav Designer Page

With temperatures promising to return to seasonal, my thoughts roam to keeping my head warm. The Lace-leaf Hat (pictured) by sophytodonnell is one such sweet wee garment. Knit it with wool for the cold times, and as she mentions on the pattern page, cotton for the summer times!

Another purty hat is her Herringbone Tweed Hat. I'm always a fan of herringbone, and it's put rather to good use in this pattern. With winds that whip like they do this morning, I'm sure I'd really appreciate the extra warmth provided by the fair isle patterning.

Her most recent piece, the Garden of Silk Socks, are a clever wee design that utilizes a lace leaf design to create one of the most pretty and useful stash busting projects I've ever seen. Though these cute socks aren't available as a pattern, I hope I can encourage sophytodonnell to give up some precious knitting time and write one up!


Hilary said...

Yay, it's Sophy! I have the privilege of calling this designer my friend in real life. We met on the train -- after several months of eying each other knitting, she finally "picked me up" and we've been friends ever since. I love her Lace Leaf Hat and I'm hoping she does a pattern soon for her Poinsettia Cloche! It's extremely cute.

Sophy said...

thank you so much for including me amongst your growing list of indie designer profiles! i've always enjoyed your featurettes and discovering new designers -- yay!

of course, now, thanks to hilary, the knitting blogiverse knows of my knit-stalking tendencies...

happy knitting!

Unknown said...

I love this hat! I am definitely going to remember it and knit it in the future!

Kitten said...

She also has a great pair of fingerless mitts which I've made myself! Yay, Sophy!