Friday, July 17, 2009

Indie Designer Day

Golden Tulip CowlDesigner: Saccade Elyse
Rav ID: Saccade
Some Great Designs: Saccade's Rav Designer Page

I've talked a lot about design and structure. Saccade has these elements down.
With this designer, however, I seem to have found a yarnny kindred spirit!
Check out the gorgeous choices she makes (fibre, colour, texture and weight-wise) in her knits.

Golden Tulip Cowl (pictured) is a great example. The design itself is interesting and inviting, but is enhanced infinitely by her astute yarn choice!

There's also the Candlelight Shawl which, as you can see from the projects page, looks lovely in a variety of colours. But her original Sundara Yarn Sock Yarn is so pretty it almost purrs.

And, a knit with a great cause, the sproingy-looking Norfolk Island Pine Mitts have a bouncy-leaf-strewn-forest-floor quality about them, because of the yarn! It's important to note that
100% of sale proceeds for this pattern go to the Asian American Donor Program to help encourage registration of potential bone marrow donors from HLA groups who are underrepresented in registries.


Fel said...

The cowl is amazing! Beautiful, very autumney too. :)

Gigi said...

Love the cowl -- so pretty! I'm putting it in my very loooooonng list of faves ;-). Thanks so much!

Asia said...

I've loved that cowl for a long time. I keep getting tempted to buy a kit for it from Snickerfritz (sp) on etsy.