Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bonfire Briar; Campside Attire

As some of you noticed in my recent camping pics, I've been up to some poncho-esque knitting.
Pattern: Bonfire Briar
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Burly Spun, 2 hanks, in Fuchsia

PhotobucketHaving fallen in love with this particular shade of hawt pink bulky bulky yarn, I thought cabley funtimes experimentations were in order.

Despite the fact that this pattern is simply a stumpy tube, it's actually rather useful, as I found out when I premiered it at my recent family camping trip. It kept me quite warm and comfy during the breezy parts of the day and chilly times of the night.

...And don't think I didn't try to get some decent pics of me actually wearing it around the campfire. Alas, my imagined smores-making, poncho-sporting photos by firelight didn't turn out in the least.
Bonfire Briar - on blog
So instead, you see me frolicking on the hammock (très relaxing, btw. Especially when accompanied by a good book and mottled sunshine. And Lady Grey tea. Hmm, I need to go camping again, methinks).

The cables ended up coming out alright, though as usual, not quite as twisty and turny as I had envisioned.
I played with the idea of making a big-ish flower to stitch on one side of the poncho. Something like this, this or this.
Would you have added this flower?
Should I add it? I think I'm looking for an excuse to knit some flora.


Diana said...

Canary Knits,
The poncho looks great. I cannot imagine it with the flowers you linked and questioned about. I can see how more twist in the vine could add some punch. Overall the design is stunning and as you proved perfect for camping.

Team Knit said...

The very fact that I'll be at the cottage in 5 days makes me think I need one of these, pronto. Gorgeous!!

- Julie

Walden said...

I think it looks good as is, but if you were going to add a flower, I think the first on linked (Knitted Flower by Strikkelise) would fit better with the design you already have.

soknitpicky said...

I like that 1st flower best, but really, I think your design is already "just so" and doesn't need it. I really like the viney leaf :-)

Lynds said...

Witty design! I think the flower would be overkill on an already stunning knit.

Hilary said...

I love this knit!! The viney cable and leaf in the back are tres cool. I think you could go either way with the would be a fun addition, but it looks great as is. I want me a poncho now!