Friday, July 24, 2009

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Heidi Hirtle
Blog: Lilibeth's Garden
Etsy Shop: Lilibeth's Garden
Rav ID: lilibethsgarden
Some Great Designs: lilibethsgarden's Rav Designer Page

Looking at lilibethsgarden's designs, I get an overall impression of funky-comfy.
And I'm sure it will come as no surprise to ya'll, dear readers, that I've chosen her sweet Little Red Birdie Felted Handbag to highlight in this post.
(You can check out her etsy shop for other patterns for sale as well).

Another lovely bag pattern is her recently released Ashling. Interesting to note, for all yarn aficionados, is that the currently downloadable version of Ashling is the "Canadian" version - by that, the designer is referring to the Canadian made wool used in the photoged pattern, Briggs & Little Heritage. She says of it,

"[t]his particular version will be specifically made for this wool, as it is the only way to get such stitch definition, without sacrificing thickness, or risking proportional problems.
I’m currently developing the pattern for Cascade 220 Wool, which will give you the same nice lines and thickness, without the stitch detailing. This will ensure a great design that is also nice and sturdy. Cascade will also provide the option of a much wider range of colour options and availability."

As I'm currently wending my way through the great Book of Yarn, a burgeoning yarn aficionado myself, I love this kind o' stuff!

And take a peak at her Cherry Blossom Felted Handbag. Very adorable (and the pattern will possibly be offered for sale!)

Bags aren't the only patterns lilibethsgarden can design - she has a beautiful Crocheted Mesh Scarf (free!) and Orange Cowl that I'm really digging. Check out the third photo of the Orange Cowl - very cool to see it in numerous colours!


Ellen said...

I love these handbags; sooo cute!

Diana said...

Beautiful bag! if you follow the link there are more to admire.

Hilary said...

I love all those adorable bags!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I just saw this now! Thanks for featuring me on your lovely blog! "Funky Comfy"...I LOVE that!!