Friday, May 15, 2009

Indie Designer Day

CliodnaDesigner: Jenny Raymond
Website: Jonquil Mom
Blog: and they call me 'Mommy'
Etsy Store: Jonquil Mom
Rav ID: zzwhitejd
Some Great Designs: zzwhitejd's Rav Designer Page

Great things come in threes!
Take for instance zzwhitejd's lovely cabled Mythology series, and the warm cowl Cliodna (pictured right). This accessory is named after the Irish/Celtic goddess of beauty and the underworld.
The thick twining of the cables and their wide meanderings adds great interest to this knit.

The first of the trilogy is the neckwarmer Chimera. It's a pretty interestingly shaped item, so make sure you check it out! Highly practical for keeping those cold breezes off ya.

And certainly, mythological cables - as attractive as they are - can also be applied to body parts aside from the neck. Enter the fingerless mitts, Ariadne. As the "cables wander in and out in a hypnotic way",1 one can easily imagine these mitts as a practial knitterly addition to a springtime wardrobe.

Jonquil Mom creates non mythy works, too. I realize that One Stitch at a Time has been frogged, but I'm ultra glad for the remaining images and story. That is, a creative process that is spontaneous and happens "one stitch at a time". How cool is that?

Stayed tuned for your Indie Designer Day infusion to see an interesting and entirely new addition: joint design! Jonquil Mom co-designs with rchrispy/Chris Church, the gracious subject of next week's post.
1Line yoinked from pattern description on Rav.


Poethead said...

I've enjoyed your search for these great designers! Thank you!

Hilary said...

Cool! How could one not love knits named after mythological ladies??