Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Lady Is Warmer

Once again, I complete a cold-weather knit on the eve of the summer.
Lady Warmer
Pattern: Lady Warmer
Construction details follow

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca; four different colours, one hank each
Lady Warmer
Inspired by this lovely colour combination, I ventured forth to my LYS and indulged in a round of "replicate that sweater".

Failing to locate the very pretty hank of Noro that ssailorss used in her knit, I had to settle for an FO lacking in that goldeny sparkle which hers so wonderfully exhibits.

I feel less goldeny goodness that I had originally envisioned, and significantly more tiger-y tinged in the colours I ultimately chose. Believe it or not, that obvious creature-to-colour combination didn't occur to me until I began knitting up the top.

I knew I wanted something with a wide neck - truly, I was thinking un petit peu wider than I achieved here (that, my friends, is for another knit).

Lady Warmer
And I knew I couldn't stand for long sleeves (but when I can I ever?!)
And I knew I wanted a palette-cleansing, stress-free knit (remember from this post?)
So, there was knit this end-of-winter alpaca/wool sweater which has been worn once and will most likely be Evening-Garden Soaked, then tucked away in the winter-clothes storage for months to come.

Construction details for the interested knitter:
Knit in my most favouritest sweater design as of late, the Lady Warmer is a bottom-up in-the-round knit, consisting of several inches of 1x1 ribbing along the bottom, body-hugging shaping, and alternating four different colours (black, chocolate brown, orange, white) in about 1" sections.
Body knit in purl stitch.
Neckline cast-off knitwise.


Walden said...

I love the color combination you went with and the inside-out look of it. It's probably my monitor, but I didn't know there was a black and a brown, as it looks like one large section the colors are so close. Very nice!

Team Knit said...

oh wow, it's GORGEOUS!! I really love it. And looks awesome on you. Great job!!!

- Julie

Cristina Salgueiro said...

Gorgeous, i'm in love.... :)

Fel said...

Wow! Not my colours, but definitely yours, and...wow. I really like it. Lovely shape, and the striping looks great. :)

soknitpicky said...

Love it, and love the name!

LittleCanoe said...

so purty!

Hilary said...

Tres, tres cool. The reverse stockinette looks so very neat, and I love the colors!

Blogspot Problogger said...

I love this sweater! The reverse stockinette really suits you and the color combo :D

Frida said...

Love this sweater. It looks soo good on you :)

Katharine said...

Hey, I've been wanting to leave a comment on this since you posted it. Your version looks so great on you! I can't believe you knitted it so quickly.

You actually inspired me to dig out mine. I tried it on today for the first time and, despite being unsure of my maverick waist shaping, discovered it fits! I'm going to dig around and try to find my shaping notes and get working on this bugger again.

Yours actually looks a lot like Twinkle's Shopping Tunic, which I love but is much too thick for the climate here. Love it. :D

I'm going to edit my description and add in color striping details.

ariadnek said...

Is there a pattern? I've had this in my ravelry forever and want to knit it...