Sunday, April 19, 2009

Projectus Interruptus; Or, How Wile E. Coyote Inspires Blog Post Titles

PhotobucketSometimes all you need is a proverbial palette-cleanser...

Been burned by the frogging gods and therefore have retreated into healing-knit mode.

Enter the new project, Swirlette. I've had a general desire for a knit of this kind for about two years, and now is the time to deploy the saved-up energy for a stress-free projectus interruptus.

The name is way boring, way mondo boring. I searched in vain for an interesting, insightful and illuminated name (mostly on the site in this footnote)1, but have possibly been stopped by the Fates and pointed in the direction of simplicity. Just to keep me on the stress-free track.

I have ideas. Top-down raglan for interesting yokey fun, simple swirly increase design, and the loveliest shade of creamy goodness for yarn (that's Berroco's Pure Merino, to be specific. The name? Meringue. So cool).

I'm keeping this one on the aforementioned stress-free track by entering this project sans-note making. I find the whole recording-of-every-step-thing slightly tension inducing under certain circumstances. The nervous energy of Corvidae and its steep lace-learnin' curve are on hold.
Now, it's all about the soft, lurvely yarn and the simple pleasures of a top-down raglan.

eta: Even before this post has been posted I've had to eta this here tidbit.

Upon a visit to my superfun LYS, I came across some more Berocco (this time Ultra Alpaca) that this crazy magpie couldn't resist. The result - I now have two projecti interruptus (and feel free to correct my on my made-up Latin). I'll give you a looksee in soon-to-be-posted-posts.
1 For more super duper fun with Old English and it's wackiness, check out Old English /Modern English Translator.


LittleCanoe said...

Good luck! I wish I was so talented I could make up a sweater design in a stress free manner. That's incredible!

Ellen said...

I'm excited to see these new projects. I agree about taking notes; I love to design, but the procedure of constant notes and stitch counts gets so tedious sometimes!

Hilary said...

I totally agree that taking notes during a project can be stress inducing. Sometimes I just want to knit without interruption! I like your the plural it would be projecti interrupti. :)

Team Knit said...

It's good to mix it up when you are trying out something new. If not taking notes helps make the experience more enjoyable, then that's the way to do it! I'm sure it's going to be another awesome knit!!

- Julie