Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stripe Fantastic

I humbly bow before you and say; It feels like I've neglected this wee bloggy. I have been up to stuffs, I swear.
Most recently it's been a startitis-of-small-projectus-is.
I did warn you that you hadn't see the end of my knittings of the Felicity hat.
And here's two more:

Pattern: Felicity
Yarn(s): Purple edition is leftovers from a Misson Falls ball and Noro Kureyon
Grey edition is leftovers from Karaoke as well as a ball of my favourite colourway from Noro Silk Garden
PhotobucketI love the stripes. I've seen a couple people playing around with different self-striping yarns, and they've had their pieces work out wonderfully. I just happened to have me a whack of leftovers, and so tried it meself on the grey Felicity.
Once again, I highly recommend this pattern!

Below you see the fun bit of brown right at the top - that's my fave colour in this hank.


The proverbial heat is on for me to complete a particular sweatery thing that I've rather obtusely blogged about and never displayed.
The shortening of the daylight round about here is cutting most inconsiderately into my photography time (that's excuse #1). Further into the bargain is the aforementioned startitis-ness (excuse #2), as well as a distracting weekend filled with family (it was Thanksgiving for us Canadians), hiking, picnic-ing and re-ingratiating myself to the dessert gods after my shamefully misguided attempt at pumpkin pie last year.
For inquiring minds: yes, I did triumph. Pumpkin cheesecake.
You can never go wrong with the cheesecake.


Knit - R - Done said...

The hats really suit you. Congratulations on using some leftovers. I need to do that.

I know what you mean about the light. I live 100 miles south of the AB/SK area and the light gets dead fast.

Ellen said...

The hats look great! Mmm, pumpkin cheesecake, sounds yummmy.

Poethead said...

I'm glad to see this hat on someone. It's really cute. Thanks for sharing!

Fel said...

Mhhh, lovely hats! I'm this short of finishing my second Felicity, but I've yet to try stripes...very nice! :)