Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Swirling Gauntlets; Or, Travelling Stitches

I've learned something about myself: I am totally unable to focus on large projects when there is an event of any magnitude looming in the near future.
And so I present yet another set of hand-warming knits:
Pattern: Swirling Gauntlets
Yarn: one, just ONE, skein of Louisa Harding Grace

I'd recommend this pattern to anyone (and in fact, I already have!)
It's infinitely satisfying to sit down and actually complete an entire knit in that particular sitting. This knit may also make it's way onto my (very short) Christmas knit list.

(Though it pains me to think Christmas before even Halloween has passed, here begins the Christmas paragraph):
As stated in the past, I don't make it a habit to knit for others. There's far too much possible disappointment and frustration involved to make it worthwhile. Buuuut, for this particular year, I've chosen to knit for two family members. My mother (who would love absolutely anything I knit anyway!) and my sister. Therein lay the gamble.
She saw me wearing my white Corona a few weeks ago and admired it. I also happen to have a very large, long-lived stash resident who would be perfect for said purpose.
I declare here and now: if I knit this, this entire sweater, taking up many hours of time, time that could be spent on knitting things for appreciative recipients (namely, me), I will have to embroider an ever-lasting wallhanging that will act as a persistent reminder to never, under any circumstances, knit for anyone. But me. And my mom. And maybe the boyfriend. If he ever actually wanted anything.
//end Christmas paragraph
On an unprecedented and totally unrelated note, I will recommend a book I've been reading. It's called "Bright Earth" and it's authored by Philip Ball. I have to purchase my own copy because I loves it so. I just took it out from the library after perusing the boards on Ravelry, and it's full of the kind of stuff that makes my proverbial clock tick. Or me. Makes me tick. Yes.
Science that even a dedicated Humanities student can comprehend without doing mental calisthenics of any kind. Like, why are pebbles one colour when under water, and then when they dry off become so boring you have to throw them back in the lake and search for another?
//end whetting of reading whistle

And, on yet another unprecedented note:
For all those of you who are Jane Austen fans, and do not have the great luck of living in Britain, last month there was a sweet mini series made for tv called "Lost in Austen". Four parts. Really cool - not for purists! If you want a looksee, just youtube it. It devoured my entire weekend.
//end Darcy drooling


yoel said...

These gloves are great! In fact I just faved the pattern--thanks! I had been pondering what to do with two little balls of bamboo DK yarn. Hooray!

Ellen said...

Love these (your ring is awesome by the way!). I agree, I don't usually knit for others...I have made some exceptions though!

Hilary said...

Oooh..pretty, silky, swirly mitts. They look great!

I tend to agree about the Christmas knitting, and gift knitting in general. I stick to very small projects (posted about them today!) and nothing that requires sizing. I have a hard enough time modding patterns to make them fit me (and I have me around for fit checks!) that I don't want to gamble on making something ill-fitting for someone else and then having them either hate it and complain or hate it but wear it only because they feel bad.

Thanks for the tip about Lost in Austen! (Darcy drooling...hehe).

Sheila said...

Such pretty gloves and the stitch absolute gorgeous.

Team Knit said...

Those gauntlets are awesome! I"m all for any knit that you can accomplish in an evening, for sure. Your description of the book made me determined to read it as well, so I've reserved it at the library. Just a quick note though- it's call "Bright Earth". And I'm totally going to watch that miniseries- I've had your cinnamon rolls, and now I trust your judgement implicitly in all things. ; )

- Julie

- Julie

Teresa said...

Thanks Julie for the heads up re: my title mistake.
Now fixed in post so's I don't lead anyone else astray!

Poethead said...

Yes, I love these little mitts! Thanks for the link. Your disclaimer on the Christmas knitting made me laugh! I've asked myself this question a thousand times: Why stones change when they're dry!! HA! Another laugh!

Jo said...

I love your gauntlets! Such a pretty colour.

I really liked Lost In Austen too, it was such a sweet ending, and totally fun throughout. I especially liked the lake scene! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the gloves, and I think I'll add this to my list of Christmas goodies.