Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes I did, I broke a Personal Fashion Rule

And I broke this rule with the Pithy Hat:

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Being a round-headed individual, I had, for the last 24 years, kept the rule that hats are not for me, as they accentuate the aforementioned body part. The lure of the quick-knit and the ideal project for an oft-neglected yet gorgeous stash yarn was too great.


Pattern: Pithy Hat
Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 (about half a hank)
Time to complete: an incredible 4 days (and it would have been less if I hadn't of frogged the beginning about three times)

The yarn is so perfect - I love yarns with subtle colour changes. It adds beautiful depth. This yarn is also incredible to work with - soft, smooth and springy.

The hat actually fit! I was quite pleased. But, will I actually wear it out?


Cyn said...

That yarn is gorgeous!

I got lured into making a Pithy Hat too... I'm not a hat person, but it was just so cute. But mine turned out way too big and was sent to the frog pond. I'll get around to re-knitting it eventually, but I'm not sure I'll end up wearing it out either!

Teresa said...

It's a fun knit - I hope you work on it again!

Hope said...

It looks gorgeous on you!!!

You should wear it everywhere, seriously.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you wear it out? Looks good. Now go and make me one.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence! Perhaps we'll get chillier weather and I'll be sporting this sucker.

DonnaC said...

Better than Mary Jane's!

Anonymous said...

My sister asked my to make her the e-town hat for Christmas. Does any one know what the gauge is for either of the Mary Jane pithy hats?

Teresa said...

I can't recall right now - I think the weight is something like dk (but I'm not entirely sure! As for many things, I changed the gauge to suit the yarn).