Saturday, May 26, 2007

Scraps of Fabric and Food

Some fabric to feast on:
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This will hopefully become a quilt at some point. I think I may be a bit ambitious.
Certainly ambition had something to do with my lofty ideas of making a new bag last night. Especially since I've never sewn a bag in the whole of me life. The bag's pitiful existence will be cherished by me and me alone, because I fear it's unbecoming looks may prevent it from being worn outside of the apartment.
Poor, poor houndstooth. You were so pretty. Then I happened upon you!

Yes, this may be hyperbole, and you may get a chance to sneak a peek at said bag, but I've yet to finish it up. Wait in anticipation!

As for the Detox, it's going decently. I'm never starving, but conversely, am never satisfied. My usual diet of cheese and breadstuffs is very much missed at this point. You can only have so many veggie, rice or fruit meals until you begin to go bonkers. Though, I did have a smashingly good Sweet Potato Fries meal for dinner last night. I highly recommend it!

Once again, knitting has fallen by the wayside. But what else are Saturday nights for but knitting and Mythbusters?

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