Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Proclaimation From On High

from the
by no means an exhaustive list

  • There’s nothing wrong with knotting.

  • Nothing is perfect but Allah (you know them perfectionist rug makers and their purposeful mistake inclusions?) - mistakes are just opportunities to expand your creative horizons (aka - refine disaster management skills)

  • Don’t use hand-spun for garments (sweaters, jackets, etc…)

  • Variegated yarns are a bad idea. Pooling looks like hell.

  • Gauge swatch = waste of time and yarn. (see point #2)

  • Blocking was sent to us by the knitting gods to act as a cure all. It's true. You can use less yarn, spend less time, save more money, and create a garment that fits through the sculptural powers of water and pins. Remember, it's easier to stretch something out than deal with a floppy, too-large-for-you handknit.

  • Buy the best you can afford and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it.

  • Recognize that the stash is not there to be depleted, it’s just there to be.

  • Mohair - just don’t buy it. - and on a related note - make sure you’re not buying the scratchy yarn!

  • Don’t knit anything for anyone who hasn’t proven their appreciation for the handknit. If you do, there will be disappointment all around.


    Anonymous said...

    Those are the rules. Except for the expensive yarn rule-- you're on your own. Unless its a gift. Let me revise that: Any yarn is good yarn.

    I have spoken.

    Unknown said...

    Good rules! I have stopped making knitted gifts for everyone: only people who really appreciate my knitting are rewarded.

    Love your new hat by the way.

    Teresa said...

    Thanks! Perhaps I should add that every yarn has it's place... No one believes me when I say it though!

    Mom IsAmagpie said...

    You're tagged! Check out my blog for details.

    Kristine said...

    Hi -- I found your blog on the Lingerie Style KAL. I think you make beautiful things. However, I am shocked and disappionted to see your rule advising against the use of handspun for sweaters! have you ever spun your own yarn? Handspun is the absolute best for sweaters!

    Teresa said...

    I haven't ever spun my own yarn - though it's something I'd love to learn sometime. I've just found that using handspuns on sweaters makes them a bit uneven and bulky. Since I don't usually like bulky sweaters on me (looks like I'm drowning in them!) this makes handspuns a personal no-no for tops.