Monday, October 05, 2015

Great Northern: Twin Peaks Buying Guide for the Crafty Individual

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Love Twin Peaks?
Know someone who does?

The internet is full of cool Twin Peaks-themed gift ideas for the crafty or crafty-admirers. Here's just a few.

©Bridgeen Gillespie
Spoonflower is filled with cool fabric designs. But people, check this out. A whole LINE of fabrics inspired by Twin Peaks. The designer, Bridgeen Gillespie, is an artist, writer, and "erstwhile comic book creator" who blogs over at Geen Geenie.
She creates other things inspired by Twin Peaks, including this cool embroidery portrait of Audrey.

image: A selection of fabrics from her spoonflower shop ranging in price from $17.50-$38 USD / yd.

©Melissa Jilk
This entire etsy shop is filled with Twin Peaks jewellery and embroidery. In fact, one lucky backer can get this very necklace if you select that incentive in our Kickstarter!

image: Cooper's Favorite Things, $20 USD

© Kate Rowland
This shop has a section devoted entirely to Twin Peaks items. Products include brooches, earrings, and necklaces.
image: Twin Peaks Brooch, $12.84 USD

This is the online shop for the Welcome To Twin Peaks website. Items include a cool "Great Northern" wood keychain, t shirts, and "Directed by David Lynch" stickers.
You can also see their own Twin Peaks gift guide on their website, where there's a wide array of types of gifts listed.

© Bunny Miele
Stocked with hand drawn illustrations based on Twin Peaks, this shop includes items from patches to pins to stickers and prints. FYI, she's also got some cool X Files pieces too!
image: Lucy Moran Print, $8.00 USD

© Jenni's Prints
With an entire section devoted to Twin Peaks, this shop offers you an array of badges, pins, postcards, and sew-on patches. You can see one of my favourites above.
image: Twin Peaks inspired Sheriff Department Iron-on Badge, $10.00 USD

CSDye Yarn
This handdyer has colourways named after the show.
See them above:
image: Wrapped in Plastic (left) and This Cherry Pie is a Miracle (right), $22.00 USD each

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