Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Great Northern: Kickstarter Incentives

Leah and I have been hard at work gathering some fantastic incentives for the Great Northern Kickstarter, set to launch TOMORROW!

Here's a peek at some very special incentives.

We thought it would be fun to offer you all some "care packages" from the cozy town of Twin Peaks.

At the first level, you can get a care package that includes:
  • A copy of Great Northern in print AND e-version
  • Coffee (black as midnight on a moonless night, of course!)
  • Two halves of Laura's Necklace
  • Twin Peaks themed stitch markers
  • Great Northern logo pin
    Felt hand-embroidered Twin Peaks themed badge
  • Twin Peaks themed hand-embroidery hoop
  • Recipes from Twin Peaks

And at the second level, you get all of this plus:
  • This gorgeous Owl Cave Necklace from etsy seller kateslittlestore
  • These fantastic stickers from etsy seller unshavedbrunswick
  • A Twin Peaks themed key chain
  • An owl charm necklace

And at the third level, well, you get the greatest gift package of them all! You will receive everything from the first level, plus:
  • These fantastic stickers from etsy seller unshavedbrunswick
  • A hand-embroidered project bag
  • Two spools of cherry-decorated ribbon (nearly miraculous, much like that RR Diner cherry pie!)
  • A leather bracelet featuring a Twin Peaks theme
  • Laura's Diary itself

Interested in receiving a "care package" from Twin Peaks? Head on over to the Kickstarter TOMORROW! There's only 4 packages in total!

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Krista said...

Great job ladies! I'm so excited for this project.