Friday, February 20, 2015

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Heike Campbell
Rav ID: Scottishgirl
Some Great Designs: Scottishgirl's Rav Designer Page

Depending on what part of the earth you're standing, it's still super winter out there.
This week's designer has an array of texturally interesting patterns to suit these last few bitter days of cold, and even beyond!

Birkenbush (pictured) has great interplay of large and small texture motifs. Put all together, it makes this sweater looks cozy and timeless. It's spring-themed, too, so it'll keep your hopes up for this last official month of winter!
(Don't miss the Birkenbush Hat, designed to match!)

A fair number of her designs are shawls, and Port Logan might be my favourite of the bunch. I really like the width and shape of the edging, and love the thoughtfulness of her design for this piece:

This top down, triangular lace shawl with its exotic lace flowers edge is inspired by this temperate part of Scotland. These are matched with an out of the ordinary lace pattern for the body of the shawl, depicting leaves on short stems made with wrap stitches, and a decorative centre spine.
Finally I'll point you to the pretty Tulip Mitts. A bold, graphic design on traditional Norwegian Selbu mittens. These will keep your hands warm while reminding you that those tulips are coming soon. Oh so soon.

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Ecochic said...

I've been looking for a pattern to use with a sweater's worth of berocco alpaca. The Birkenbush pattern is now in my faves!