Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe: Knit 2

Pattern Description:
Pippi is a cabled scarf that is knit in one piece with a super bulky yarn. Simple cables create a braid, while increases and decreases shape the work into a scarf/stole that can be worn several ways. Throw it around your neck for a scarf, tie the ends together for a collar, or loop it around twice and tie it up for a cozy cowl.

Fibre Used:
Noro Silk Garden, colour 272
45% mohair, 45% silk, 10% wool

lengths of necklace chain, ribbon

No size.

Modification Advice/Errors in Pattern:
I made the necklace modification.

Alterations Done:
None on main version. On smaller version below, I omitted all the length that included the 10 st cables.
I also used lengths of necklace chain for two of the necklaces, and two lengths of ribbon on the "scrap" version.

Would I Knit This Again?:
Yes! In fact, I did! I made a practice one using all the wee ends and bits of Noro SG I had lying around. I also made a mini version with the remaining ball of Noro 272. The first, full Pippi used 30g, which left me with approximately 20g to complete the second one.

My Favourite Things About it:
It's so fast and fun and cute! I love manipulating the large cables, and I really like how well it works with all my retro Noro. I used to think that Noro was for entrelac. I now know Noro is for Pippi!

Mini version of Pippi, omitting all 10 st cables.

My Least Favourite Things About it:
I really can't think of a single thing I don't like. This pattern is fantastic!

Noro Remnants Pippi.

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