Friday, September 20, 2013

Indie Designer Day

© Alex Jardine
Designer: Patti Waters
Rav ID: Patti
Some Great Designs: Patti's Rav Designer Page

You might recognize this week's designer from her amazingsauce pattern from Knitty's First Fall 2011, Dragon Wing Shawl. I could wax poetic about that forever, but I'm going to focus on a more recent piece, and a piece that shows off her sock-design abilities.

Titan Jacket is a deliciously-cabled piece. It looks so cozy and warm and like something you're going to knit and wear until it's worn out. It's the first part of a collection called "The Universal Collection". Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Now to show off her sock skillz; Alice Socks. Again, Patti strikes with her amazing cables. This is a top-down pair, and something that also has the warm, cozy quality you see in her Titan Jacket.

She's a rather prolific designer, with almost 50 patterns listed on ravelry so far. I've given you just a small taste of her work. Go check out her designer page from the link above!

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