Friday, February 01, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Faye Perriam
Blog: buttons and beeswax
Rav ID: ButtonsandBeeswax
Some Great Designs: ButtonsandBeeswax's Rav Designer Page

ButtonsandBeeswax's ravelry designer page is chock full of cute and fun patterns.

The Edith Mitts and Mittens (pictured) are perfect for this chilly time of year. Have any friends with a February birthday? This would make a great last minute gift.

I love me those pom poms, and the Constantine hat and mittens (which you can buy both together) feature those fantastic wintery elements as well as a great play with cabled texture. I also really appreciate how it's a very unisex pattern. Hmm... now to canvas my male friends and relatives and see who needs a new toque!

This designer is also great with garments; the Heather - Lace Shrug is one of those pieces I can imagine wearing into the ground. Just throw it on over a tee or dress, and voila! Warm and stylish. And again, it's a quicker knit than not, with the worsted weight of the yarn and needle size.

While I know that it's not the pumpkinny time of year, I can't resist throwing in the adorable Pumpkin Tea Cosy. How cute it this! My tea pot will be transformed into a pumpkin quite soon!


Anonymous said...

I really like the zigzag cowl! It looks so cozy!

buttons and beeswax said...

Thank you for featuring this, and for all your kind words about my designs! :)