Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let Me Tell you a Tale of Two Yarns; Or, a Yarn of Two Tales

I went yarn shopping yesterday.

I'm not supposed to, of course.1 I think that makes it all the more delicious-er.

Anyhow, I went yarn shopping: first to Michaels, to pick up some good old Patons Classic Wool for a current cardigan.

This Michaels happens to be oh-so-close to my LYS; I don't know how I got there. It might have resembled the (now really rather old) commercial with the Fruit Loops "Follow your NOSE!" toucan.

So I arrive at the LYS.

"Got to go in with a plan" I tells myself, I do.
"I'm heading for some warm-weather yarn. Just looking at the cotton. Cotton. Yes. Go for the cotton."

Where's the cotton?

Well, the cotton is on the far side of the shop. I have to wander through the other rooms; rooms filled with colourful sock yarn, shimmering silk/wool blends, and the grand dame mother of them all, the Tosh section.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at madelinetosh yarns.

My dilly-of-a-pickle yesterday was the torturous conflict I found myself caught in: which of these two colours do I purchase?

Here, Teddy Bear.

Here, Isadora.

The conundrum was this: I like both colours, I really do. Both appeared to be good colours for me (there's a handy, very large mirror right next to the yarn, incidentally).

The issue is: I knit to design, design to knit. I rarely pick up knitting that isn't going to become a published design. And, part of publishing designs is choosing yarns that people will find attractive.

Sometimes, that helps me rule out colours. I love me some orange, but it might be a contentious colour, and apt to turn some people off rather than on.

Pink and a neutral brown are pretty safe bets.

So, I'm still standing there, arms full of both yarns.

I figure the brown is the "safer" colour to go with, the pink most beautiful.
Safe, or beautiful.

I was harsh with myself, and put down half my lovingly-cradled horde, retained the other, and sped away quickly to the cotton so as to avoid further indecision.

I ended up taking home the Teddy Bear.

Which would you have chosen?

1I'm on a yarn diet, you see. I have plans for my upcoming cash, and unfortunately, yarn buying isn't, or rather shouldn't, be a part of them.


Debbie said...

Oh my....I am in LOVE with Isadora. Fabulous.

Julie said...

both are so pretty, I don't think it's possible to lose with those choices! I think Isadora is amazing, though. but I think that's because of the season- comforting browns feel more autumn-y.

ChrisC said...

I totally would have gone with Isadora. I'm not big on brown clothes in general. If I want neutral, I'll go for a nice grey, instead. Right now, I'm knitting with MadTosh in Antique Lace and it is SO pretty!

Mom IsAmagpie said...

Both yarns are gorgeous in my opinion. I do have a request or suggestion because I love, love, love your blog and designs (in fact I am hoping after some time going to the gym make a few of your designs key pieces of my wardrobe).
Please go with what you love, sometimes color itself is inspiring plus people should not be looking at colors when they are looking at patterns and while some people do I think most don't. Plus I think those are the people that want to see a couple on Rav. before they start. Which is fine because knitters are all so different.
My skin tone and colors I look good in are the exact opposite of yours (much to my chagrin) but your designs are just beautiful no matter the color.

kingshearte said...

Hard to say, as the colours I see on my screen may bear no resemblance whatsoever to the reality of those yarns. That said, based on what I see, I do really like that pink one.

Hilary said...

It's so hard deciding between "what I like" and "what other people will like and potentially buy in a pattern", huh?! I'm kinda in love with Isadora, but agree with Julie that you couldn't lose either way.

Triona said...

Ohh, I feel you on this one. I am also on a yarn diet--I have a whole cabinet full of yarn that's earmarked for designs. Like, specific designs, just waiting to spring forth from my brain.

But I am OBSESSED with Tosh yarns. I can't go near a yarn store without going in, and I can't leave without buying some Tosh. It's a sickness. Maybe we should start a support group :-)

Unknown said...

I think you should always go with the color that makes you happiest--you'll never please all of us, and we'll all choose our own colors in the end, anyway.

Given a choice between those two, for myself I would probably have gone with Isadora on the grounds that I do not look my very best in browns. On someone else, though, I am equally pleased with both.

Anonymous said...

The pink! Sorry - I don't do brown

Nyssa Jayne said...

oh dear, i'm going to say isadora too! i love plums, i love that they can be regal, but still homely.

mind you, i quite like the look of the two colours together -- honestly, i probably would've gotten both.

good luck on the yarn diet (I am on one too, it can be difficult!).

LoriLou said...

I, like you, can't be trusted in a yarn shop. I would have walked out with both...poor me ;)

Vicky Myatt said...

I also would have gone home with BOTH just to have them in my stash. I love Madeline Tosh yarns also and I am getting ready to knit a pillow cover out of the merino DK pecan.