Friday, March 16, 2012

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: TECHknitter
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Some Great Designs: TECHknitter's Rav Designer Page

Fantastic, simple shapes are a hallmark of the work of this week's designer.

I thought the Spice Road Cap (pictured) was a great example to use for this: really, how cool does that look?! So simple, and yet so structural, such a definitive form, with strong lines and neat finishing.

The same aesthetic appears in the Elizabeth Cap. I dig the slouchiness, and the *way* she's created the slouchiness. The flipped-over brim provides a gorgeous swoop, (again, playing with lines) and the structure is fanciful and stylish without being complicated or dated.

And lastly, there's a neat little free pattern, Gaugeless Magic Loop Ski Hat with a TKIO. Featuring a great shape and simple design, I must say I'd love to see more people knit this piece (if only to see it modeled on a variety of people's noggins!)

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Erin Kate said...

Love it! Great feature!