Friday, April 22, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: The Jane Victoria
Etsy Shop: The Jane Victoria
Rav ID: lmariebenjamin
Some Great Designs: lmariebenjamin's Rav Designer Page

Beautiful. Elegant. Historical.
This week's designer, lmariebenjamin, has breathtakingly lovely designs.
With interesting shapes and construction, she skilfully intertwines those three aspects into each of her designs.

See the pictured Alassë Míriel Hooded Cowl. I had to include this multi-view of the piece, because of its changeable prettiness and wearability.

Next, check out Enelya Linwëlin Sleeved Mantelet. A style hearkening back to Victorian sensibilities, this piece would keep you warm and uniquely outfitted in the last chilly breezes of Spring!

Caladhiel Oronar Armwarmers are inspired by an even earlier time period. These ornate, Rococo-esque lacy pieces are dainty and wonderful; I can imagine how pretty they would look with the frill hanging out from the bottom of your coat sleeves.

Another bit of Rococo whimsy, her Isil Sáralondë Legwarmers are so cool and unique. I need to fashion an outfit good enough to compliment these legwarmers, just so that I can wear them!

Keep your eyes open for an upcoming project, inspired by Gibson girl style. The designer wrote to me, "I hope it looks as good in real life as it does in my head."
I'm entirely sure it will be! Every one of lmariebenjamin's designs take my breath away!

(Also, check out her etsy shop; she has patterns and FOs for sale. Admire and drool over the lovliness!)


Anonymous said...

What amazing construction and design! Very inspirational.

Kathleen Dames said...

She's in my Faves on Etsy (and Ravelry, I think). Really lovely work.

NiseyKnits said...

Oh that's super cute! I love it.