Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enter New Colour Crush; And, A Cute Dog

You've strolled with me through my dedication to yellow, my collection of orange, my hankering for green, and even my surprising attraction to blue.

Now my rainbow is almost complete with The Perfect Red.
I've been looking for years for this colour. A wondrous scarlet, with a hint of sheen. Something that screams hawt.

Finally I've found it, in madelinetosh's worsted weight merino. Colourway? TART. Oh yes indeed.


Here you see me with my Tarty new sweater, and my parent's new pup, Ellie.

Well, she's not really a pup (the vet estimates her age at around nine). I got her from the SPCA - the poor sweetie was a stray.
Photobucket Being a "senior" dog, I was immediately drawn to the name Ellie (ie: Elliot, as in, Anne Elliot!) Miss Elliot was an old maid at 27, but the magnificent mutt that is Ellie resembles no such moniker. She's as rocking and rollicking as any young one. Loves the belly rubs and playing fetch (well, half fetch. Mainly "grab-thrown-stick-and-pretend-to-kill-it").

She kindly agreed to pose with me in these photos taken this past weekend at a lovely park near my parent's house.

My Tart sweater was whipped off in about three days, in as many hanks of yarn. The yarn is beautiful and perfect and soft and I want more.

It's a simple bottom-up construction, with cables running along the sides of the body and underside of the sleeves. The neckline didn't come out as I was hoping, but c'est la vie.

Contrived as this photo above appears, it is good for illustrating those side-running cables.

The day was perfect, with no jacket required for the hiking and picnicking we enjoyed. I love me some October!!

Though grey-in-the-muzzle, Ellie Joe (for that is her full name)1, is full of energy and hard to keep up with. She proved to be a rather co-operative photography partner. I hope she'll agree to pose for future projects :)


1Elliot as in Anne Elliot of course. And Joe? She's named after my dad. He had several pups growing up, being a farm boy. And one of them was a pretty little German Shepherd cross named Judy. She reminded me a lot of Ellie.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

it's beautiful!! Three days?? how many hours did it take you??


kingshearte said...

I love the cables on the underside of the arm. That's so delightfully unexpected.

LittleCanoe said...

Wow, needles on fire! What a great color, and what a cute pup! I want them both.

Hilary said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new sweater! The color is deeee-vine, and the cables going up the underside of the arm are extremely cool. You must post close-ups! And Ellie...such a cutie!!

Valérie said...

Dude. A 3-day madtosh sweater?! Way to go - it's stunning!

Jane Richmond said...

I love the sweater, and look at your gorgeous hair!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Pink! Although my favorite color is Red and yours is beautiful. Oh, that's right, you said "rainbow colors". Well, pink is close (it's part of red, isn't it?). Looking forward to your next color adventure!

Kathleen Dames said...

I love that yarn (base and color)! And congratulations on Ellie - perfect name (Persuasion is my favorite Austen novel).

Stephanie said...

Where did you find such a delicious pattern? I am begging you please post it!