Friday, October 01, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Elizabeth Wolden
Blog: Messy Beasts
Rav ID: BethWolden
Some Great Designs: BethWolden's Rav Designer Page

Ok. I love October. So, I'm already in an awesome mood this morning.
And now, I get to talk about this designer!
I love love love (times three, that is. To the factor of awesome!) the whimsy in her designs.

It was really difficult choosing which pattern would have its photo slapped up on this profile; in the end, I chose the first one that caught my eye, Susie's Long Stockings.
I'm sure, dear readers, you can get why these are so excellent. I think I want to do nothing but knit myself a pair of these right now.
(Incidentally, I think I need to invest in the perfect pair of cute shoes to wear with handknit socks/stockings. Would you put your vote in for some black Mary Janes? That seems to be one of the most popular choices).

Then there's Meta Mittens, a pair of sweet wee fair isle mitts, with a pair of sweet wee sheepies happily emblazoned upon them. So adorable!

And OMG, her Lady Jane Gloves. Ok, is it wrong to say I'm so way mondo jealous that she designed these beauties first? They're perfectly up my alley. I LOVE THEM. /End gushing.

Can't wait to see what she designs next!!


Kathleen Dames said...

Those gloves are awesome. Thanks for reminding me about them.
P.S. Got my copy of Brave New Knits last night when Julie came to Knitty City - can't wait to read all the interviews!

Hilary said...

Those stockings are fabulous! I am so in love with the ruffles at the top! And yes, Mary Janes are a must have. :)