Friday, February 26, 2010

Indie Designer Day

Designer: E.A. Kelley
Blog: E.A. Kelley
Rav ID: oddlief
Some Great Designs: oddlief's Rav Designer Page

Here's some beauty to round out your week!
Pictured is the Helms Hood by the talented knitter, E.A. Kelley. I always appreciate an attractive knit with functionality built into it, and this pattern certainly has both!

Carrying this very set of qualities over into some feet-covering are the PE Kelley Kilt Hose. I particularly like this pair because not only are they classic, tasteful, subtle and attractive, they're free! How generous :)

And completing the triumvirate of cabley knits are her Auntie Slippers. As you might already know, I like me a good staghorn cable, and these slippers show that pattern off in a very skillful way.

Please check out her designer page on Rav - there's even more great work there.


Julie said...

ooh, I love the kilt hose!! awesome stuff.

Hilary said...

How cute is that hood?? What a fun take on the knit hat.