Friday, November 13, 2009

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Eline Oftedal
Blog: From the High North
Etsy Shop: From the High North
Rav ID: elineof
Some Great Designs: elineof's Rav Designer Page

I love a good pattern/lace marriage, and this week's designer elineof gives some great examples with her Lacy Leaf Capelet (pictured) and Ocean Blue Collar. They're both very lovely, it's a difficult choice to say which I like more!
The fineness of the Ocean Blue Collar is very attractive - I can easily imagine wearing it beneath the wool winter coat which has just recently lumbered out of storage for its seasonal debut (probably within the next few weeks!)
The ribbon is a nice little touch, allowing for some simple modification of style and shape.

This designer isn't just a master of the lace - she's also got her colourwork down!
Wonderful White Top and Nordic Rose Top are knit in bulky yarns, but through the magic that is good design and palette work give off an air of delicacy.

She also has an etsy shop where she sells both finished objects and patterns. Check it out at the link listed above.


Hilary said...

Another great designer! I do love the collar (the ribbon is so cute!), but my favorites are the fair-isle short-sleeved sweaters. My Scandinavian roots are telling me I need at least a few of those for this winter.

Team Knit said...

love those fair isle knits!! all her designs seem so perfect for the coming winter....

- Julie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring these - love the capelet & collar.
- spencer