Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So Naughty I Am


Pattern: Roxo
Yarn: almost exactly 4 balls of Lang Merino Superwash

Super fast knit. Needed something creatively mind-numbing. Stitches twisting galore. Many odd mistakes masquerading as cables.
Why speak like headline news?

Seriously: this one was a bizarre explosion of knitting fury. Not sure what exactly possessed me to whip up a poncho - a purple one no less - but here it be.
(And don't think I'm not hemming and hawing over the colour. Stray from my most recent addiction to the lovely green?!)
I've always been iffy on the poncho. I'm not sure if it screams "little girl", "hippy" or "eccentric fashionista". I'd like to think I exude choice number three there.

The yarn is beauuuutiful. Indeed. Once again, I find myself recommending a yarn. Not as much as others (because this one does feel more mass-produced and less uniquely lovely) but it does feel wonderfully soft. The colour is quite deep and rich as well, which I believe is part of my aforementioned "iffiness" about this. I'm very much used to yarn with subtle variance in colour, instead of a very saturated and uniform hue.

This is the closest I've come so far to crazy, organic, free form cableing. And that's something I've been wanting to do for quite a while.
Some time back there was this article in either Interweave Knits or Knitscene talking about artistic cables, and this one knitter in particular had her gorgeous green sweater on. Excitedly, I checked to see where the pattern was, but alas, it was a unique creation.
(She had really short bleached hair... can't find a pic online).
Ever since then I've had that floating around in me noggin'.
Oh yeah, and the name?
Roxo is purple in Portuguese. Just thought it looked/sounded really cool.


Ellen said...

Very cool. Free-form cableing looks very fun, I may just have to try it sometime!

A Homely Heroine said...

I love the cables, they don't look mind-numbing to me! Its a great look.

Leah said...

Great colour, and really interesting cables. Purple and green need not be exclusive. (I am addicted to -both-). I too am not so sure about ponchos generally, but yours looks like it works. :)

Carol said...

If it's good looking it's a design feature, not a mistake! I would call it a fashionista thing, myself....And I love purple. Just saying.

erngrn said...

oh! that thing is awesome! the color is fantastic.

Hilary said...

Those cables were free-formed?! Amazing! The poncho is gorgeous (love the purple), and it screams fashionista.

Team Knit said...

Those cables look awesome! Just the kind of garment for the coming fall. And if I'm not mistaken, every single fall magazine proclaims purple the colour for fall, as they do year after year- so it's not only current, it's also timeless. ; )

Susan said...

That looks great! I agree with the above statements: not mind-numbing by the looks of it. You're becoming too skilled for your own good. lol.

Meghan said...

You know, I'm really not a poncho girl, but I think this falls in a completely different category. I love the structured look of it and the funnel neck. I think the shape and proportions make it look very stylish.

Sel and Poivre said...

Your spontenaity is inspiring!