Friday, August 15, 2008

Indie Designer Day

This is the first in an ongoing, weekly "featurette" wherein I'll profile a favourite indie designer and why they're great. There's an incredible abundance of creativity and talent on these interwebs, and I've discovered a lot of it by happy accident. I'd like to give some knit-love to these people, and share with any and all who read this here bloggy.

Designer: Kai Mistry
Blog: Yarn Mistrys
Rav ID: koolkitten11
Some great designs: Kai's Rav Designer Page


What I love about Kai:
I've been reading Kai's blog for about a year now, (regularly including drool-worthy photos of handspun and, more recently, adorable puppies!) and was very excited when I first heard she'd been published in the online UK-based knit mag, The Inside Loop. In it's second issue, they featured two of her patterns, Apple Blossom, a lovely, floaty crocheted wrap, and Cockleshell, a pretty knit tank with crocheted-trim detail.
In the Inside Loop's third issue (set to go live on August 20), she will have more patterns published. I'm anxious to see the new ones!
Her first "for sale" pattern was the lovely Lotus Lace socks.
It seems that she and I share a bit of a love of the tiny-gauged!

A visit to Kai's blog never fails to cheer me up and mellow me out. I love her beautiful and sophisticated colour palette - the photos are always so lovely and textural.
Kudos to you, indie designer!


Susan said...

This is a great idea! I had not been to her blog before. Looking forward to Fridays for a new reason, now!

Kai said...

Thanks for the lovely featurette! :)

I love this idea and I'm looking forward to your other reviews!! :D

erngrn said...

aw, i love this.

so good :)

A Homely Heroine said...

What a good idea, I love recommendations! The vast networks of knitters are so appreciative of each other, and deservedly so, Kai's work is beautiful.

Ilix said...

awesome, thanks for the info, I am off to check it out.

Hilary said...

Such a great idea! I'm thrilled to know about Kai now and can't wait to check out your future features!