Friday, August 29, 2008

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Wanett Clyde
Blog: Knitology
Rav ID: Nettie
Some great designs: Nettie's Rav Designer Page
Etsy Shop: EbonyButterfly

This designer caught my attention right away* - not only does she have great (and very straightforward!) pattern-writting skills, and an entertaining blog (people in photos always make me laugh, smile, or green with knit-envy!), she also have a fantastic Etsy shop. (I love this little clutch - very much my style!)

Felicity - on blog
You know a pattern (and designer) are good when you're so attached that you spend sweet knit-time and create more than one.
This is definitely the case with me and the lovely Felicity. I've actually done three. I've pictured the latest, here in its stripey glory.
(and yes, there's probably a fourth and fifth in the future).

Designers who create wonderfully wearable pieces are always on my list of favourites. Wanett is definitely one of these: the simplicity of the design belies its ability to transform your noggin from plain to stylish in one refined swoop (perhaps a stripey green and white one is less refined - my choice, of course! I think Wanett's original deep purple hat is gorgeous. Ooo, deep purple... I think that'll be my number four Felicity!)

*I asterisk here because I wanted to give you a tidbit into my pattern and designer searching activities. Usually I scan the newly added patterns on Rav's Patterns page, but I've also taken to snooping through my friend's recent activities (usually a good indicator of high quality!)


Anonymous said...

Love the felicity! I wonder if I can pull one off? hmm... *add to queue* lol ;)

Hilary said...

I'm definitely going to check this gal out! I love the hat, and her neckwarmer on Ravelry is fantastic!