Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Knitting in my PJs

I do this a lot. This is why I'm prone to the "pj-FO" photo, taken in the smudgy/blurry/yellow-tinged light of the pathetic bathroom mirror. Living alone doesn't help much; I could insert an overly cutesy description of training four canaries to become my personal knitwear photographers, but I'll resist the temptation.)
I'm most comfortable knitting in me pjs at home - I'll knit in public, certainly, but I've learned that I can only bring the most basic of patterns with zero technique along for the outing. I almost had a meltdown once when my attempts at a fair-isle yoke were foiled by my inability to focus on knitting and conversation (not to mention a delicious latte... mmm... latte....)

So, where you you prefer to knit?

Where do you prefer to knit?
At home
Friend's house
Killing time waiting for others (eg: boyfriend's soccer game....)
Outdoors (your own backyard, the park, etc...)
Other (I can't think of any more!)
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Mackenzie said...

I am definitely an at-home-pajama knitter, usually in front of a movie. Sometimes I'll knit on my break at work or at my boyfriend's, but the majority of my knitting is done sitting on my bed in front of my laptop. Probably because that is where I spend most of my time.

Kai said...

I voted at home. But to be completely honest, I will knit anywhere. I'm most comfortable at home, but my knitting comes with me wherever I may go. :D

Team Knit said...

I know exactly what you mean- I live alone, also knit in my pyjamas (if I'm going to be home for more than 30 minutes, I always change into pj pants!) and find that when I have an fo, I feel like I've got to put real pants on, and do something with myself, and then I'm taking photos with the timer function, which basically results in playing freeze tag with a camera. Yeesh.

- Julie

Anonymous said...

I voted "waiting for other people" but here's where I knit -- anywhere and everywhere as long as I have something to keep my mind occupied. I can't just sit and knit in dead silence for long amounts of time. I have to be listening to music or talking with friends while knitting.

Carol said...

Hmm, I also knit on mindless stuff at work if it is quiet

Hilary said...

Wow -- 85% of us prefer to knit at home! I'm in this category, too. I enjoy knitting with others but I find myself getting distracted and either stop listening to my friends' conversation or messing up my knitting. And I like knitting while riding public transportation, but I always get irritated when we arrive at my destination when I'm in the middle of a row. And I still haven't gotten them to wait for me to finish. :)

Meg said...

I live alone too. I have found the more time I remain unsupervised, the more I revert into a frat boy. I get home from work and put on the pjs. I'll change if I have to go out again. Dishes? Whatevs.

I actually prefer to knit in front of the tv to reruns I've seen before. It's less distracting to me than a movie I've never seen and a little more of a distraction than music. I tend to do the complicated knitting at home, lace, etc, so I need something else going on so I can focus. I can't explain it. I knit on the bus to work, but it tends to be mindless, socks, all stockinette, etc. The other passengers are my distraction then.

Teresa said...

Very cool - I'm hearing a lot of my knitting habits here :) I love knitting to reruns (hence my growing dvd collection). I've got all the lines to Blackadder down pat. Oh yes, I'm like that!