Friday, June 20, 2008

Alauda; or, Elaborate Names and the Year of the Stash

I'll have to fess up and say that a rather disproportionate amount of joy for me comes from naming knits for designing.
This is a case in point.

Pattern: Alauda
Yarn: oh, a few scraps. Methinks it was
1) Brown Louisa Harding "Grace"
2) Orange Manos Silk Blend
3) a couple different yellow/golden shades of Handmaiden's "Silk Maiden"
4) white Elsebeth Lavold "ClassicAL"

Why I made it:
My hands were unbelievably cold at work.
Why it's got such a highfalutin name?
I love the naming. I love the organizing and labelling and making odd and rather twitsy-turny connections. In this instance, I knew I wanted to use some pretty stash scraps, hence the idea of a "legion", expand that to a particular legion (one of Caesar's Gaulish legions, see here)
and to top it all off, this particular Alauda word morphed into the modern French word Alouette, which is denotative of a small bird.

Gratuitous Butters photo:

If you want to make a pair:
step 1 - get scrap (all same gauge)
step 2 - measure around knuckles to get # of sts cast on (1” neg ease)
step 3 - cast on and knit knit knit in a rectangle til the piece measures to your wrist (if you want to add the YO row, just work one YO, k2tog across the fourth row).
step 4 - cast off and stitch together edge, leaving thumb holes!


This post has been brought to you by procrastiknitting.


Anonymous said...

Cuuuuute! (gloves and birdies. hello, birdies!)

soknitpicky said...

Cool project and name. I like the color gradations

Kai said...

Cool! These are way, way cool! :)

Hilary said...

Awww, Butters. :)

The mitts are great and so is their name! I love your fancy names for designs -- especially the ones with Classical references!

Carol said...

My hubby gets a real kick out of naming his on-line gaming characters. If the name isn't right, he doesn't have fun with the character.....So I get what you mean. Very cute wristbone warmers! Air conditioning should not be turned on that strong in the summer. It is one of my pet peeves....

Unraveling Sophia said...

I love Butters photos!! He seems to really appreciate your pretty designs, too...

Anonymous said...

Biggest name for the littlest knit. Just your style. geek.

Lurves you ;-)

BTW, my word verification was:

Fitting, the longest word verifacation for the shortest comment.

nillakitty said...

Oh I LOVE Butters! And fancy-pants names...