Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Not One For Paisley, But...

I feel inadequate if I can't give you a visual insight into my brain each post.
Here's some recently purchased fabric from the lovely Quilt Rack in Ancaster.

It seems that I've been undeceiving myself as of late.

Firstly, I thought I would never be attracted to a paisley fabric. (Clearly wrong. I think this one pictured above is destined for a rather over-elaborate wall hanging).
Secondly, I hemmed and hawed over summer knits, and how presumably crappy I thought them to be. Now I can't stop thinking about them and sketching up new ideas.
Thirdly (and this one is particularly bad), after almost 10 years of denying I'd ever read those damn* Harry Potter books, it seems that I can't put the bloody things down.
I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm wrong.

This leads me to reveal that these damn books (and their accompanying films) have been planting design ideas in my head. I bought two hanks of Manos in a lovely Kelly Green (also influenced by the Yarniad's recent Kelly Green infatuation) and plain white to make a stripey Felicity hat. After watching the fifth film (Order of the Phoenix, if you care) I thought one of the character's (Luna Lovegood, if you care) wee cardi was tres cute. So now I've found a purpose for the 4 hanks of Manos Silk Blend I bought on Tuesday.
Stay tuned on that one. I think I'm excited enough about it to get going within the next few days.

Oh yes, and startitis has thoroughly set in. After my obsession with the Corona Hoodie (who's pattern I'm currently working on), it seems I'm in a race to cast on for as many projects as I possibly can. And read those damn books as fast as I possibly can. I've got the Lucania vest, Juno Regina stole, Felicity hat (cause who doesn't need a wool toque in June?), the ever-neglected Lodestar top, red Mary Jane slippers for my trippers (first felting project ever) and a number of practically dead-to-me UFOs that have been sitting on the needles for over a year. No willpower, I tells ya. None.

But I'll leave this mewling post on a positive note before I run off to read those damn books - I've only 10 days to wait for the tent sale at the Needle Emporium, I've purchased the yarn I was dreaming about for my mysterious peacock-inspired knit (hopefully to get started soon - just need a ball winder, dammit!) and I'm in love with the Random Stripe Generator.
And I love colour wheels.
Mmm... colour theory :)
Colour Wheel - on blog

*I will continue to refer to them in this manner. I'm just being cheeky. I really do like them. Grudgingly so. I have to try my best not to qualify everything! Damn university learnin'....


Kai said...

Love the paisley! :) And those books are very sneekery. They catch you unawares and before you know it you're in the web and can't get free. Shame there's no more in that particular series. :D

Unraveling Sophia said...

Sounds like great designing fun is going on at your house! There are so many great knits in the Potter books & films. It seems that a number of knitters and crocheters were very busy there! Someone designed the Luna cardi already and you can find it on ravelry. She did a good job too - it looks very like. I've wanted ot make it myself, but never got around to it. Can't wait to see yours! :)

Hilary said...

Kelly Green Manos...mmmmm.... You know I'll be waiting with bated breath for that one!

The paisley is gorgeous -- I can see why you couldn't resist it.

And I've also been avoiding the Harry Potter craze, but I have a feeling that what happened to you will soon happen to me -- especially if there are cute knits involved!