Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time to Display Defeat

As I (quietly, internally, and inevitably) expected, my foray into extreme pattern-modification has delivered me to defeat.


Here Capecho lieth, and what to do?

I know what went wrong, and it wasn't the pattern:
Firstly, I attached a pentagon where one should not attach.
Secondly, I compensated a bit too much for the over-sized-pattern aspect. Even if I hadn't made my pentagonial mistake, Capecho probably wouldn't have stretched across my back.
At least, not in a flattering way.

If it weren't such a complex pattern, I'd frog it.
But if anyone's studied the construction of this one, you'll understand how that would be an exercise in both futility and frustration.

So the remains are relegated to this paper bag until further notice.
It's not all a downer! I can say I certainly did have fun playing with such an interesting knit-assembly.
And now that the knit god Yarnius has given me a swift kick in the behind, I'm off to conquer knits that are well within my range of understanding.


soknitpicky said...

What a bummer. So sorry :-(

shopgirl said...

Don't let it get you down! That capecho is pretty wacky to begin with. I blame it on Vogue for photographing it (albeit beautifully) in a way that really doesn't represent the reality of the capecho's fit. And we all wanted it to look like the picture, right?

Anyhoo, you could deconstruct it, and more pentagons and create a really interesting shawl or scarf thingy, maybe?

If it makes you feel better, I have knit about 4 inches into a prairie tunic and then ripped backed, resized, started over again- 3 times since yesterday. Still don't have it down!

Knit - R - Done said...

I ended up ripping out a few blocks to make a shrug for my mother.

I truly believe that it can be knit into a fascinating pillow or baby blanket.

I've learned not to pick up stitches for Norah's designs. It's much better to keep the motifs separate for rearrangement later.

Teresa said...

Thanks mucho all! I love the suggestions. I hope I can finagle this thing into something usable.