Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspiration: Twiggy

Quick one here:
Pattern: A riff on Twinkle's Twiggy from her book "Big City Knits"
Yarn: exactly two hanks of Burly Spun, in Creme

Why it's a riff: Well, I only bought two skeins, and so had to compensate (re: uh, nip the knit, really). The sleeves are shortened, as is the body. The cable/bobble section doesn't reach down as far on the original (which is unfortunate, cause I really like that bit).
It has a selection of cringe-worthy boo-boos, (including a "creative" placement of cables) but it functions well as a heat-retainer and has allowed me to expand my knit-repertoire to included bobbles.

Twiggy - on blog

What are your feelings on bobbles?

I was of the camp that "bobbles is bad". I'm not sure I'm entirely out of that camp yet. Like anything else, bobbles can be overdone, but I think my issue with them is that it's just too damn easy to overdo them. But I really, really like making them. Anyone know of any particularly graceful bobble-containing patterns?
Ages ago, Anthropologie had this pretty vest.


I've been meaning to make a knock-off.
Admittedly, one of the reasons I've never got around to it is the bobble factor.
(and yes, it was much more stunning when it was up on the Anthropologie site and you could super-ultra zoom in and see all the textured details.)
Perhaps this one will sit on the "to knit" shelf until August, when I'll inevitably turn my mind to autumnal knits.

In other news: this morning was bee-oo-ti-full, and so I took advantage of the "sunshine" on my balcony and went nuts with the pics. As if you couldn't tell.
(I look so joyous in these pics, don't I?)
Despite my cave-like abode, the whole spring-time-scene has given me the nudge I truly needed to get into my warmer-weather knits. Ever since February I've been dreaming of some of the lovelies in the current IK. Bring on the cotton, baby!



Unraveling Sophia said...

I am not a fan of bobbles, because they always seem to fall in exactly the wrong place, namely the boobage. But yours doesn't do that - you placed them perfectly and your sweater looks great on you! I especially like the neckline. I can't stand anything tight around my throat, so I love the way you design!

Anonymous said...

That turned out great! Its very cute! I'm not a bog fan of bobbles either, unless they're tasteful, like these are!

Robin said...

That turned out super cute!! I am iffy about bobbles - although I like them on your sweater. I think they also look graceful on the Debbie Bliss Lace & Bobble jacket I made (I'm RobinM on Ravelry and it's my profile pic, I liked it so much.)

Susan said...

That looks AMAZING on you! Can't wait to see the knock-off. Take notes for sure! We'll all be knitting it, soon.

Kai said...

I love it! But I think the bobbles are just right. Like you I'm in two minds about bobbles. I've seen so many gorgeous knits hindered by the number of bobbles from being actually classed as gorgeous.

Hilary said...

Wow, that was fast! And it's so cute! I'm on the fence about bobbles, too. I think you're right -- it's just too easy to overdo them. But when done tastefully (like on your sweater), I think they're adorable. I made this sweater that has bobbles on the sleeves -- -- and was ok with the bobblage.

Btw, I tagged you with the "Seven Random Facts" meme -- but only if you feel like it!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much, everyone! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one out there who's "meh" about the bobble issue.

juicyknits said...

That's so cute. I had to pick out the book and check the pattern once again. I never considered makng this one, but the way yours came out makes me want to have one as well. I guess that'll be one of my fall projects.

iheartgardening said...

love love love! I love twinkle!!! yours is great!